sensor tag

Our planet is full of free energy
waiting to be harvested

UNELMA Tag layers

  • Polyurethane dome
  • Energy harvester
  • Electronics
  • Sticker


What is it?

Traditional Bluetooth Smart beacons are designed to transmit address information. This is useful for many situations, but what if you require more?

UNELMA Tag is a state-of-the-art wireless sensor device that can work alone or form an enormous mesh network with thousands of fellow nodes. It can sense different kinds of variables such as acceleration, temperature, humidity, air pressure and gases. It also knows how to harness energy from the surrounding environment. Because the device is completely maintenance-free, it's a perfect solution for industrial environments.

Energy harvesting

It's possible to harvest energy from the environment using technology available today.

No more battery waste

By harnessing energy, batteries aren't a requirement for electronic devices anymore.


When there are no batteries to replace, maintenance costs for sensor networks decrease significantly.

This is the future

Using the latest available technology isn't just environmentally friendly, but also extremely cost-effective and good for any business!

Ruuvi Tag

Unelma Industries, founded by Ruuvi Innovations, brings Ruuvi's innovative IoT technology to the industrial market by utilizing the technology of one of the world's most powerful sensor node products, RuuviTag.

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